The PJ Mode Collection

Useful Links
Institutional Map Collections with Extensive Digital Images

David Rumsey Map Collection, the gold standard of map imaging, more than 75,000 maps on line with metadata, GIS tools, etc.

Library of Congress Geography & Map Division

New York Public Library

Leventhal Map Center at the Boston Public Library.

Osher Map Library, Smith Center for Cartographic Education

British Library

Newberry Library

J. Carter Brown Library

Other Useful Links

Map History, the invaluable, comprehensive "gateway" site of Tony Campbell (former Map Librarian of the British Library)

The History of Cartography, the definitive multi-volume project; the first three volumes (5,000 pages!) on line, free

Mapping the Nation, Susan Schulten, focusing on American maps in the 19th century, a time when persuasive cartography was greatly expanding:

Strange Maps, hundreds of "cartographic curiosities," many of which involve persuasive cartograpy

Three Map Dealers, each with an eye for persuasive maps and a large online archive of images and well-researched descriptions: